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Meet the Staff

La Wonda Bornstein (lawonda.bornstein@thehousedc.org)

President & CEO, ext. 106

Peter Buckingham (peter.buckingham@thehousedc.org)

Director of Development, ext. 109

Chris Chiles (chris.chiles@thehousedc.org)

Director of Music & Audio Engineering, ext.

Andrea Counts (andrea.counts@thehousedc.org)

Executive Director of Youth & Family Outreach, ext. 105

Jarmone Davis (jarmone.davis@thehousedc.org)

Spiritual Life Manager, ext.

Kimberly Hall (kimberly.hall@thehousedc.org)

Assistant to the President, ext. 100

Jonathan Harris (jonathan.harris@thehousedc.org)

Executive Director of the Life Skills Education Center, ext. 107

LaBaron Houston (labaron.houston@thehousedc.org)

Security, ext. -

Terrill Jackson (terrill.jackson@thehousedc.org)

Facilities Manager, ext. -

Britney Smith (britney.smith@thehousedc.org)

Program Coordinator, ext. 102